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  Every $20 adds a ribbon of protection!  

Let's Finish filling the fence!

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  • Even if you’ve donated in the past, consider donating $20 for a ribbon to show our current support levels.
  • Pull out those old WKPG yard signs (or let us know if you’d be open to purchasing a new one) to get the word out.
  • Share our social posts and tell your friends – “Hey, did you hear that the WK Preserve folks are back in fundraising mode?”
  • Does your employer offer a donation matching program?
  • Look for creative ways to show your support and share your ideas for fundraising with us! We’ve seen great success with sign-waving and letter-writing campaigns – what else can we do to raise awareness? Let us know!

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To preserve the natural heritage of open space land by protecting its natural forest, plant life, and all native animals in their community. 


We envision accomplishing this through education and collaboration for the benefit of present and future generations.

Entrusted to Act

Seeking to Protect Pinellas County’s disappearing undeveloped sites.

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