Our Supporters

The Efroymson Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, continues a long legacy of charitable commitment by the Efroymson family in central Indiana. The Efroymson Family Fund was established in 1998 by Dan and Lori Efroymson to promote the viability of communities and to date has awarded more than $120 million in grants to non-profit organizations in central Indiana and beyond. For more information visit efroymsonfamilyfund.org

The Efroymson Family has a passion for protecting the environment and they have a longstanding history of providing grants for beautification and land acquisition efforts for conservation purposes and community use.

Through an arrangement with the Pinellas Community Foundation, the Efroymson Family Fund has awarded a $250,000 closing grant to support the acquisition of the West Klosterman Preserve. The fund will provide the final $250,000 of the purchase price for the property when funds have been raised so that the Efroymson contribution will enable successful closure of the purchase transaction.

The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation is headquartered in Tampa. The foundation provides grants and assistance to organizations that are active in a wide range of philanthropic activities. Funding from the Duckwall Foundation has helped support medical research, arts and performance, maternity programs, college professorships, scholarships, environmental programs and much more. It has also played a vital role in supporting some of the most innovative and cross-disciplinary research on Florida history and studies.

The foundation was one of the first grants awarded to the WK Preservation Group when they awarded a direct grant of $7,500 in December 2020 to assist in the acquisition of the West Klosterman Preserve

The Clearwater Audubon Society takes an active interest in the traditional and forward-looking activities of the National Audubon Society, with a focus on putting the goals and vision of the society into local awareness and action.

Through an arrangement with the Pinellas Community Foundation, the Clearwater Audubon Society has provided a $5,000 grant to assist in the acquisition of the West Klosterman Preserve.

Wilcox Nursery and Landscape serves our community with their commitment to provide counsel, education, resources, and the plants and trees to enable Floridians to preserve and restore native plants and habitat.  Wilcox was one of the first local businesses to recognize the need to help save the West Klosterman Preserve and made the first contribution to the fund established by Pinellas Community Foundation for that purpose.  Wilcox has continued to support WKPG staging a benefit event at their Largo facility in cooperation with the Florida Native Plant Society.  

Tesseract Ventures LLC is an innovator, seeking to empower organizations and people through creative integration and use of robotic and human systems. The founders and leaders of the company have recently established a new Tesseract initiative in the Tampa Bay area and have relocated here to drive the initiative and to become a part of the community. Helena and John Boucard learned of the WK Preservation Group through one of our volunteers, and have joined us with significant support, including sponsorship at WKPG events, and underwriting the publication of the pictorial conversation about the West Klosterman Preserve conservation project. They look forward to continuing to grow in our community and be a part of the future vision of WKPG.

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