Preservation Sponsorship Program Details

WKPG Preservation Sponsorship Program gives individuals, local businesses, corporations, and nonprofit organizations the opportunity to support WKPG’s mission of preserving the natural heritage of open spaces and educating our community about the importance of undisturbed lands.

There are several different tiers of Sponsorship available. All Sponsors, regardless of level, will receive the following in recognition of their generous support:

  • Inclusion on the Sponsor page of the WKPG website
  • Scheduled callouts on social media and in our newsletter
  • Optional staff training for businesses or nonprofits

We do ask that all Preservation Sponsors display their support for WKPG somewhere visible to their networks, including promotion on their social media accounts and/or website – this is optional, but we will always ask! 

Each Sponsorship will be for the duration of one year, with the option to renew being presented by WKPG to the Sponsor with 60 days’ notice before the Sponsorship period concludes.

Sponsorship Tiers

*All sponsorship activities listed have been approved by WKPG’s Board of Directors. Additional sponsorship activities may qualify for recognition, pending Board consideration.

**Intended for organizations only. Display of WKPG literature must be conspicuous to network. Inclusion in Sponsorship Callout requires regular communication from Sponsor to WKPG contact to update on status of literature inventory at least quarterly, or as needed.

Want more information about WKPG’s Preservation Sponsorship Program?

For more details download the Preservation Sponsorship Program Details  and fill out the form below – one of our Sponsorship Ambassadors will contact you soon!

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To preserve the natural heritage of open space land by protecting its natural forest, plant life, and all native animals in their community. 


We envision accomplishing this through education and collaboration for the benefit of present and future generations.

Entrusted to Act

Seeking to Protect Pinellas County’s disappearing undeveloped sites.