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Saving the West Klosterman Preserve

Our group has undertaken the mission to SAVE FROM DEVELOPMENT and to preserve a beautiful, natural, untouched 14 acres of land in Tarpon Springs that is teeming with native animals and plant life, including some endangered species. These 14 acres are adjacent to the 76-acre Mariner’s Point Management Area (MPMA), an environmental preservation area owned by Pinellas County.

Pinellas County Schools owns this property, and has agreed with WKPG and Pinellas County that the land should become a preserve.  But PCS also needs to raise money for their school facilities, and needs to receive at least $3MM in value for this property to spend on school facilities.  WKPG has agreed with PCS to raise the money required, and are cooperating with Pinellas County to raise money and obtain matching funds from the County. It is the plan that Pinellas County would own and operate the West Klosterman Preserve.  Pinellas County has appropriated $1.5 million for the project. WKPG has raised $854,585 and is campaigning to raise the remaining $645,415 to match with the County’s contribution to make the final goal and acquire the West Klosterman Preserve.

The Future for You and the WK Preservation Group

You can be proud to be a part of the team working to save the West Klosterman Preserve and other important slices of paradise in Pinellas County. Thank you for your support and contributions.  Thanks also to the many partners and people who have come alongside as we pursue the vision of preserving natural habitat sites in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area.

The West Klosterman Preserve demonstrates the strength of real people uniting to achieve a worthwhile goal and gaining support from organizations and government by working with them constructively and respectfully.

The WK Preservation Group expects to continue with our preservation mission and will be announcing our next project as we draw closer to success on the West Klosterman Preserve.   We look forward to working with you to continue to identify and preserve natural habitat projects for our community and the people and living things that make their homes there.

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In The News

Press Release

Tarpon Springs, April 2, 2024 – WK Preservation Group (WKPG) and Pinellas County have signed an agreement to jointly fund acquisition of the 14-acre West Klosterman Preserve from Pinellas County Schools.

The signing by County Administrator Barry Burton on April 2 is the final step in the joint funding process that began last year and which was unanimously approved in August 2023 by the Board of County Commissioners. The county agreed to commit $1.5 million in Penny for Pinellas funds toward the $3 million asking price for the Preserve. WK Preservation Group has a deadline of Sept. 15, 2024, to raise its share. With donations and pledges, the amount left to raise is now $885,000.

“We’ve got a big gap to close, but we’ve done so much, generated strong support, and provided a focus for community involvement in preservation causes. We’ll get there” said WKPG President Tex Carter.

“We are proud to support the park and preserve areas in Pinellas County, so that all of our residents may have easier access to natural spaces and wildlife. The West Klosterman Preserve signifies Pinellas County’s ongoing commitment to protecting our green spaces for the residents of today and tomorrow,” said Kathleen Peters, 2024 county commission chair.

The grassroots nonprofit has been trying to save the environmentally valuable West Klosterman Preserve from destruction since 2020. After two unsuccessful attempts at securing legislative funding in 2022, WKPG volunteers have been actively raising funds through appearances at community events, creating business sponsorships, and conducting tours of the preserve in exchange for donations. Look for future information on upcoming events at www.wkpreserve.com/wkpg-events.

What’s next?

After completing the West Klosterman project, WKPG will turn its attention to saving other wild parcels in densely populated Pinellas County from development. 

The West Klosterman property, located on West Klosterman Road west of Carlton Road, is adjacent to the 76-acre Mariner’s Point Management Area (MPMA), which is already under county management. The county will manage the two properties as a larger preserve, effectively doubling upland habitat for rare and endangered species. It will also increase the area’s natural drainage system and prevent an estimated 600 extra daily car trips on narrow, dead-end Klosterman Road.

How to donate

WKPG has joined forces with Pinellas Community Foundation in seeking the large donations that are key to completing acquisition of the Preserve. To donate, pledge a closing donation, participate in an event or become a WKPG volunteer, visit www.wkpreserve.com or email the Board at info@wkpreserve.com.

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