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You and Mr. Friendly have turned $50,000 of your donations into a total raise of $100,000 to help save the West Klosterman Preserve 

Since Mr. Friendly’s Independence Day campaign started, support for the West Klosterman Preserve has been strong.  People have donated over $50,000 directly to save the Preserve, and Mr. Friendly will match those contributions, adding over $100,000 towards our $3 million goal.  Our thanks to you and to John Gilliss, Mr. Friendly, for such a strong demonstration of our community commitment to saving and preserving the few remaining slices of Paradise in our coastal counties.  But we still have funds to raise to reach the goal.  Stay tuned for future campaigns and opportunities to continue this important work.

Mr. Friendly and the Independence Day Matching Campaign

John Gilliss, known in Tampa Bay as “Mr. Friendly”, shares a passion for protecting and preserving Florida’s natural beauty and resources that has been the mission of the WK Preservation Group as we have worked to save the West Klosterman Preserve. John is the founder of Friendly Kia in New Port Richey, long one of the nation’s most successful Kia dealerships. He sold Friendly Kia last year, and the business now operates as Ken Ganley Kia.

For many years, John’s reputation has been based on providing value to Tampa Bay’s citizens through his successful auto dealership and through providing support to the community through the charitable and benevolent causes he has championed. He is one of the proponents of the Tides of Time historical preservation project in New Port Richey along with many other projects that help ensure we preserve what’s important for future generations.

With his family roots in the eastern shores of Maryland then moving to Pinellas and Pasco counties, John has seen extensive development change the nature of our rich coastal heritage over the years. And he recognizes that our focus has
long needed to shift from full development to maintaining a balance of preservation of what we have with sustainable development of what we need, both necessary to assure the quality of life for us today and for future generations.

John sees the West Klosterman Preserve project as an important milestone on the road to preserving the few remaining natural habitat sites in Pinellas and Pasco counties and has decided to commit a generous gift to anchor a new matching donation campaign to save the West Klosterman Preserve.

You can help Mr. Friendly turn $50,000 into $100,000 to help keep the Preserve safe and independent from development by making your donation today. Please make your commitment, and leave us your comments now.

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  • Mr. Friendly’s matching campaign is successful and complete, but we still need to meet our $3 million goal.  Even if you’ve donated in the past, please consider donating again.
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