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Help Turn $20,000 into $40,000 and Save the West Klosterman Preserve

A friend of the Preserve has pledged to match your contributions up to $20,000 to help save the West Klosterman Preserve.

You may have met this friend of the Preserve, Sanne Kure-Jensen, at one of our tours or events, or at meetings of the Florida Native Plant Society and other organizations involved in environmental preservation and stewardship. She has a long history of working to protect natural lands and native species. Sanne recognizes the urgency of protecting the imperiled sand scrub habitats as well as several endangered and threatened species thriving at the West Klosterman Preserve.

Sanne lives in Pinellas County, and is a Florida Master Naturalist, a Florida Water Steward and is dedicated to protecting and preserving our rapidly disappearing natural habitats. She has actively served in and supported environmental preservation organizations across the country. View Sanne’s virtual tour of the Preserve here. 

Sanne’s pledge and your matching contribution are needed to meet our goal of $3 million by September 15. Sanne’s matching campaign will run through July 15. Please make your donation and help Sanne and WK Preservation Group save the West Klosterman Preserve

$50 that will be $100
$100 that will be $200
$500 that will be $1000
or more!

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  • Even if you’ve donated in the past, consider donating again. Sanne will match dollar for dollar, up to $20,000!
  • If you know someone we can contact who would want to support our cause, let us know at
  • Share our social posts and tell your friends – “Hey, did you hear that the WK Preserve folks have until September to match Pinellas County’s contribution and save the West Klosterman Preserve?”
  • Does your employer offer a donation matching program?
  • Do you know a company who might want to join our Preservation Sponsorship Program?
  • Join us at one of our events to build support for the Preserve. Go to
  • Look for creative ways to show your support and share your ideas for fundraising with us!

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Larry Putnam

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